Alek Kocevski serves as the owner and primary creative at Golden Butterfly Studios.

Silk filigree is defined as an ornamental style of craftsmanship in which delicate and intricate patterns are created through the manipulation and twisting of metallic silk threads over an open-work template.

It is considered as one of the most ancient and meticulous art forms, dating back to 3000 BC.

Originally from Macedonia, a country renowned for its centuries-old history and culture surrounding filigree, Alek first came across the distinctive art form while exploring his homeland back in 2015.

His new found fascination with filigree at the time, coupled with the determination to learn the craft and spread the tradition to the United States would see Alek becoming an apprentice and being mentored by some of the most renowned silk filigree makers in Europe.

In 2021, Alek decided to open Golden Butterfly Studios, helping bring silk filigree art to the forefront of the United Sates market. “The inspiration behind the name of my business came from the first piece I ever created — a golden monarch butterfly. With Golden Butterfly Studios, I first wanted to create a small line of products such as my butterfly and floral designs that would not only appeal to my customers but they would also cover themes and subjects (such as transformation, hope, and inspiration) that ultimately all people could relate to”, states Alek.

Currently, not only do we deliver a wide range of designs to choose from, we’re also dedicated to offering all our clientele with the opportunity of custom creating unique and personalized decor and gifts that are a true expression of who they are or what their brand represents. No matter the occasion at hand — whether you’re looking to elevate the splendor of your home or office with a piece that will leave everyone speechless, or looking to leave an everlasting impression with a gift unlike any other, we hope you remember:

"For life's most cherished moments, there's Golden Butterfly Studios"